Local Co-op Parkour Racer - Coming Soon on Nintendo Switch

"Thank you so much for getting them done so quickly and professionally. We love your work :)" - Nicole, Co-Director, Disparity Games

Lost and Hound

Scent-tracking Dog Adventure game (internally accessible for blind gamers)

I'm developing this game myself. It was built to bring the communities of sighted and blind gamers together, on the same skill level when playing a game. It is fully playable by gamers with blindness.


4x Tile Strategy PC Game

"Thats really nice! Fits the theme and feel perfectly. I'm so excited to have you on board!" - Katie, lead developer, Tall Storey Studios


Lucid Road

First Person Adventure

"Your work is really perfecting the atmosphere and tone of the game overall." Jack, Wanderlight Games


Voice Acting Reel

Work is for an FPS currently in development


Outer Colony

PC Deep Simulation RTS

"You have continued to out-do yourself, time and time again. This might be the most epic track yet. This melts my face!!!" -Sam, Lead Developer and Head of Studio, Voyager Games


Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy

XBOX One/PS4/PC Sci-fi Tactical Strategy

"Great work with the tracks, and nailing the low intensity/high intensity loops." -Anthony Sweet, Developer and Writer, Black Lab Games

(For this project, I helped develop dynamic music for their new upcoming music integration system, as well as a sound asset library for a possible future expansion)


Pocket Lawns

iOS/Android/PC Tycoon and RPG game

"It's a nice balance of quirky and upbeat. And I think it's the tuba you put in around :50, it's awesome! I love it!" - Billy, lead developer

Pocket Lawns Screenshot Sat. 30.oct.2016 from Billy Sullivan on Vimeo.


Samurai Showdown

Console/PC/Mobile Battler

"Great work with the music. It feels like it fits right into the time period." - Michael, lead developer at Otterspace Games


Unannounced Viking Game

This game is an iOS mobile platformer with an unannounced release date

"Your music is relaxing! This is great work... very suitable for the experience. We also liked Svalbarg (The Far Reaches) very much." -Osgur, Lead Developer



I charge anywhere between $125 t0 $300 per completed minute of music, depending on the "thickness" of the sound requested.

I charge $4-$9 per sound effect with as many free revisions as necessary, until the client is satisfied.


Voice acting rates are negotiable.