Quick Facts


Brian Fairbanks (developer)
Ryan Gardner (producer)
Fiona Bartholomaeus (admin)
Scott Martin (media production)
Mitchell Hancock (social media)

Daisy Ale Soundworks
Western Australia

Q3, 2021
PC, Switch

Press/Story Angles

1. Game Mechanics and Accessibility

The game is built around blind accessibility; a sighted person and a blind person play the game at the same level of success. This is a natural culmination of the sound-based toolset used by submarines: proximity sensors, sonar, etc. Sight is rarely used to pilot a submarine. As such, the player has access to a variety of tools to feed them information on depth, submarine location, quest beacon location, even the angle at which the sub is pointing is told to them through the pitch of the engine.

2. Conservation as a Game Concept

We showed this game at PAX East and were astouned at the response: people LOVE a game about conservation. They want to feel like they're doing good out in the world - we have this already manifested as hero characters/scenarios, "God games", and many others. People want to feel like they're saving the day, but as we found at PAX, they have never had the chance to save the *planet.* We're giving them that chance, and also giving them conflict in every decision they make: you might save an exotic fish that has been fished to near extinction, but during that time, you couldn't save a dying coral reef.

3. Sneaky Education

Australia puts out a massive contribution in its marine science compared to its small population. We want to highlight that fact by educating players about current scientific techniques and discoveries being used to revivify the dying coral reefs around Australia. Not only that, but the game educates and empowers the average person as to what they can do to help!

People don't want educational games. They want to play a game, feeling the full spectrum of emotions. They want to be challenged, not preached to, so if we want to teach we have to do it in a very subtle, circumspect manner. For example, one mission has you planting (harmless) shark pheromones at a tourist snorkeling spot, to scare away tourists. This is important because the suntan lotion people wear into the water is one of the contributing factors towards the health decline of the reef.

4. No money, no problem!

This project is largely unfunded. We are creating it with the love we have for gaming, and using nontraditional game development methods to compensate for the lack of money to pay specialists. Essentially, we have taken the skills we all possess and we've wrapped the game around them, eliminating the need to seek outside talent for our product.


Legacies puts you in the pilot seat as Max, a blind young man retracing his mother's footsteps as an eco-vigilante. Sabotage, subterfuge and conservation are just a few of the weapons in your arsenal in the war against ignorance, indifference and corporate greed. Someone has to stand up for the oceans. Will it be you?


Legacies was created by Brian, Ryan, Fiona, Scott and Mitch during a UE4 game jam, as all were of like mind that audio should play a much larger role in game mechanics. With a love for furthering accessibility measures in games, Legacies focused on the least served disability: blindness.
The game has been shown locally and internationally, and has won acclaim for its unique blend of mischief and doing good with what you've got.


•    Stealth through the depths and avoid radar detection as you carry out your missions of sabotaging those that wish to plunder the ocean's resources for profit
•    Tailor the gameplay to your own interests with skill trees and branching mission selection - sabotage, conservation and stealth
•    Conservation plays a massive role in everything that you do - restore dying coral reefs using advanced scientific discoveries and methods, defend endangered species from poachers, disrupt and damage the efforts of people trying to profit from the ocean
•     Engaging narrative about Max, a young man with blindness who just lost his estranged mother. In the strangest bequeething in history, all she left him was an old submarine. Retrace her steps, continue her mission and discover her motivations behind the family business: eco-vigilantism.
•     Immersive, relaxing environment and original soundtrack - between the calming sound of water passing by the walls of your sub, and the ukulele soundtrack's role in the game narrative, you won't want to leave the sub!
•    Incredible attention to detail in sound design - sound will tell you your depth, your location in relation to obstructions, the location of quests and points of interest, the angle of your sub's nose, and many more pieces of vital information.

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