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Welcome to Daisy Ale Soundworks

Hello, my name is Brian. I'm the head of Daisy Ale Soundworks, a professional sound design and music studio based in Perth, Western Australia.

Daisy Ale Soundworks has contributed work to popular podcasts, designed local radio promos and contributed audio assets to game companies, including sound effects for a AAA PS4/Xbox One game.


Most recent reel:



I composed for and facilitated live recording of a chamber orchestra to be set to portions of an independent film. I also did the mixing and mastering post-production work.



This is a pack of dark, moody ambient tones for use in games that I made.

Upcoming Events

Unreal Engine 4 Game Jam voting is on now! Vote for our game!

Video Game Music Sound Perth

Current Work Status:

Looking for (more) work! I have a few time commitments, but they are for games with far off release dates and I'm coming to the end of a few contracts. Please check out my sounds page for more information on past work and rates!