Daisy Ale Soundworks

Digital Content Developer/Audio Specialist


What I Do

Daisy Ale Soundworks is a sound, music and software development studio in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

This studio also specialises in bringing accessibility into digital spaces.

Sound and Music

Custom sound design and music compositions will bring another level of immersion and originality into your content. Foley, adaptive sound design, dynamic music and more are all at your fingertips.

Games and Digital Interactive

This studio has won multiple awards, recognitions and grants for its work in digital software development. Let me tell your story in its best form.


I have been engaged to speak internationally at multiple industry conventions and conferences regarding accessibility in digital spaces. Accessibility is not charity, fluff or favours: it is building a bridge to your content and as such, it is a solid business decsion. Games and interactive products are for everyone.

Contact Me

I am available for software development, sound design, music composition, accessibility consultancy and speaking engagements.